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Top Websites for Buying Cars Online

If you’re looking to buy cars online, but you’re not sure which is the best to rely on, this guide can help by providing you with the top websites to buy cars of various types.

In no particular order, the following are some of the best car-selling sites.


CarMax has been around the scene for many years, and it is the largest retailer that sells used cars in the US. They are one of the most experienced dealers in the market.

They have an extensive inventory with a wide range of cars to choose from. Moreover, it is easy to browse through and sort out your choices with the filters they provide.

If you decide on a car, but it’s not available in your nearest CarMax store, you can request them to move the vehicle to the closest facility, but it may cost additional fees.

Once you buy a car, it will carry a 5-day money-back offer with a one-month limited warranty(or more in some states).

CarMax is an excellent option for those who care about guarantees and easy buying processes.


CarGurus is another terrific website to buy cars. It features Instant Market Value (IMV), which helps calculate any car’s optimum retail price based on similar listings.

Once you search for a vehicle, the search engine brings the most trusted dealers to the top, assuring you that you do not have to pay unnecessary costs. Once you pick a car, you can directly contact the dealer for the buying process. This website could be a great option for those who want reliability and avoid scams.


What started as a print publication, Autotrader is now known to be among the best online sites to buy cars. Apart from browsing through deals and buying, you can also indulge in reading about upcoming models, the latest news of various companies, and professional reviews.

The site has more than 3 million listings where you can both buy and sell cars. Autotrader does not have a specific return policy, and it is the dealers who have their conditions. Even test drives and delivery options depending on the seller. If you’re looking for an enormous collection of listings that include all sorts of cars like compact, used, SUVs, luxury, etc., Autotrader may be the best option.


Another excellent option is AutoTempest, where you can sell and buy cars at affordable prices.

The site also allows users to browse cars using filters like mileage, areas, color, type, etc. Moreover, if you’re buying for the first time, AutoTempest provides valuable guides that can help you get started. But the site does not offer buying processes as it is done differently by each seller.

AutoTempest could be a good choice for people who want various tools for comparison and an easily understandable interface for new buyers.


One of the most innovative websites could be Carvana. They offer a unique feature to check out all their listings online and don’t require any physical dealership. You will get to inspect the specific cars through 360-degree views where you can check their goods and flaws.

Users also have the chance to use their unique coin in a fully automated car vending machine to receive their vehicle. You can test drive the car for seven days, and if you are not satisfied, you can quickly return it (Carvana local markets may take it back free of charge). They also offer a 100-day warranty on every listing.


Tred is also a great website to buy used cars. Customers can interact directly with each verified seller. The identity of the customer also gets verified for the seller. Tred ensures that all the paperwork gets done correctly. They also work with many banks and have offers like car finance and insurance.


If you have interests in searching for the best deals, Cars.com could be a viable site to do it. The website requests your preferences, needs, style, budget, etc., which helps find certain cars available that suit your criteria. They also add in the best deals, so all you have to do is browse through the findings.…