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How Do Computers in Cars Work?

The computer of a car works in a very complex way. It functions with the help of sensors and wires to monitor all the factors required to run a car. Computers were introduced into cars in the late 1970s to handle the simple functions of a car.

Due to the advancement in technology in this modern world, advanced computers are introduced into cars by many car companies. It has innovative features such as enhance performance, better safety features, and many more.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the function of computers in your car.


The computer of a car is designed to monitor the functions of a car. It delivers commands to the system of the car. The computer of a car is programmed to fulfill all the aims determined to monitor the sensor basic and perform complex functions.

The computer of a car also monitors the changes in the car system. Whenever an automated car is running shortage of fuel, the car’s computer automatically controls the car to use minimum fuel.

A car can have multiple computers present in the system to simultaneously monitor and sensor various functions. A car’s computer is designed to adjust itself with the driver’s habit and condition of driving.

BCM is the processor in a car’s computer related to the functions in the body of a car. At the same time, the TCM controls the functions of transmission and engine of a car. You will learn in detail about the functions of BCM and TCM below.

Body Control Module (BCM)

The Body Control Module (BCM) is the system of a car that monitors and functions the automated features related to the car’s body. The functions of BCM are:

  • Central locking
  • Power windows
  • headlights of a car
  • Wipers of your wind shield

The BCM also functions as a bridge to connect the network interfaces and the ECU Electronic Control Unit. However, the BCM is not responsible for any functions related to the engine of a car.

Transmission Control Module (TCM)

The Transmission Control Module (TCM) is the processor that monitors and sensors feature the functions of a car. It functions is related to the transmission and the engine of a car. Besides, the basic role of TMC is to calculate the perfect time and place to shift your gear.

TCM is important because it is the main link between your car’s transmission system and the engine of your car. Without the Transmission Control Module, your car won’t be able to shift gears at the right place and time. As a result, the performance and efficiency of your car will decrease.

Safety features

Due to the advancement in technology, the safety features of a car have also improved. The safety system in a car is monitored and controlled by the computer of the car. It provides features such as air bags, control cameras, control of traction, stability control, and most of all, the ABS.

The automatic braking system (ABS) is the best feature of the safety system. It can automatically activate the brakes of your car whenever you fail to pull the brakes during a demanded situation.

These kinds of features in a car have avoided many crashes and saved many lives.

Where is it located?

The computer of a car can be located in two places. It can be located under the dashboard or under the hood. While manufacturing a car, the designer makes sure to place the computer in the most efficient and convenient location for the car.

Whenever you are trying to locate the computer of the car, always try to follow the wire from the main engine of the car. The wire will lead you to the computer of the car.


The computer of the car is also known as the brain. It is the reason behind every function and feature of your car. The car’s computer coordinates all the functions of your car, right from the body functions to the functions of transmission and engine.

Due to the computers in a car, you can avoid accidents and even reduce your injuries to a minimum level even after an accident. Therefore, it is important to value the advanced technologies of a car since they can save lives and avoid crashes.